OKBET HORSE RACING | Goshen: “That took all; man against. beast; you can’t defeat a horse.”

OKBET HORSE RACING | Goshen: “That took all; man against. beast; you can’t defeat a horse.”

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HORSE RACING NEWS : Horses approach him, and he doesn’t even think twice before bolting. His previous races had all been won despite his heightened nervousness, but he was completely calm tonight.
Gary Moore gets poetic as Goshen wins by a large margin at Ascot in 2020 January.

The worst part was that he was giving such a powerful performance. It’s disheartening to feel like you’ve let down everyone at home, who had worked so hard to help him perform at his best on that day.
Jamie Moore, fresh off his stunning defeat at the hands of a rival at Goshen’s Triumph Hurdle, expresses his regret at the race’s outcome.

My 12-year-old son, Ronnie, was yelling, “Just get him over Jamie!” He was kicked about a lot thereafter, but I doubt it hurt as much as what he went through.
There is a philosophical Goshen’s owner, Steve Packham, discusses the race’s tense finish in the Triumph Hurdle shortly after the event.


I have rode him out a little amount, and it helps him get acclimated to the burden of carrying heavy loads. The significance of it to me is underestimated. Seeing the horse again meant a lot, even if it wasn’t the Champion Hurdle.
Following his first Kingwell Hurdle victory in 2021, Gary Moore praises his stable hero for returning to form.

I doubt he’ll visit this place again. That couldn’t possibly be the case. Even though he didn’t come out on top, I would have been much more ecstatic if the match had ended in a brawl between him and the victor.
The 2021 Champion Hurdle was Gary Moore’s last opportunity at Cheltenham with Goshen, but he blew it by poorly hanging right.

Because of my hump, I’m certain to make some baffling comments, but you can count on us to switch to the correct side. The more you struggle against him, the stronger he becomes. That cost you everything, since you’re up against a horse in a battle of man vs beast.
Jamie Moore, clearly disheartened by Goshen’s hanging tendencies being on full display at this year’s Lingfield third, expresses his thoughts to ITV Racing.


Many people’s mouths will be permanently sealed after hearing it. Will the real Goshen please show up? is a question that drives me crazy. Every day, the genuine Goshen reappears.
Gary Moore is looking forward to the 2022 Contenders Hurdle at Sandown because it will mark the return of Goshen to his spectacular best.

Our group is ecstatic; that was an amazing achievement. When the other horse flipped over, I knew he wouldn’t back down. He’s a raging steed that can’t wait to get moving.
Trainer Steve Packham is ecstatic after his horse Goshen won the Kingwell Hurdle for the second year in a row.