Jorge Navarro recounts the agony of a red flag: “Every element for catastrophe”

Jorge Navarro recounts the agony of a red flag: “Every element for catastrophe”

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OKBET MOTOGP: As he lay in the dirt with a fractured leg with the Australian Moto2 proceeding around him, Jorge Navarro remarked, “there might have been a death,” and now he is demanding “we must take something” to avoid a recurrence.

Despite Navarro’s fractured femur and internal bleeding when he was knocked by Simone Corsi and fell from his Pons, the race was controversially not red flagged while he lay wounded on the track.


MotoGP riders like Marc Marquez have been demanding answers, and now Navarro, who is still recovering after surgery in an Australian hospital, has described his harrowing experience.

Like a locomotive went right over me,” he described to AS. When it struck me, I had no idea where it hurt. To put it lightly, I felt like my leg was being dragged to Sydney.

“It was a very strange fall, and before I hit the ground I realized that I couldn’t feel my leg and that something was happening above me. The fit was somewhat loose. I knew it was bad when I observed that one leg was gazing in one direction and the other in the other.

I put up my hands at once, and the marshals came to help me halt the race.

“I was so devastated that I had trouble breathing and a sudden, intense fear gripped me. Corsi came to aid me when he saw that my leg was in parts; he removed my helmet so that I could breathe.

As he did so, blood spurted from an irritated finger and landed on my leg; mistakenly believing it to be my own blood, I fainted.

I was terrified because there was so much blood on top. When Tito Rabat collapsed and was ran over at Silverstone, the image stayed with me.

Motorcycles were passing less than a meter away from me at breakneck speeds. The anguish was so intense that I thought I may die. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

“I cannot understand it and nobody has given me an answer,” Navarro said of the puzzling choice not to red flag the race. Sorry, but I’m missing something here. Exactly what else could go wrong before they raise the alarm in this case escapes me.

It was hardly a metre and a half when the motorcycles whizzed by me. It’s true that it’s not a common place to stumble, yet I fell there twice on the previous lap. There was a little side breeze blowing above that from that bend.

Everything necessary for a catastrophe to occur was there. Lucky for me, it wasn’t my turn that day, but we can’t let this happen again, so we’ll have to figure out what to do. You can’t simply let that go, and I don’t know who decided not to raise the red flag.

I got fortunate, and all I had to give up was a few of months of my life. A second life could have been lost.

That part is finished for me. In a bad spot, I was laying helplessly beside the track with only a marshal to defend me from the scum of the earth.

Since I got to the hospital, things have gone from bad to worse.

My leg now weights me about three tons, so getting back home and starting therapy due to thrombus difficulties is the most challenging thing right now.

Navarro said, “The physicians assured me that the operation on my leg went really well.” The femur was badly fractured and dislocated when I got there.

The femoral artery, one of the biggest in the body, has also suffered significant blood loss.

A long needle was inserted from the hip to the knee, and the bone was already at the spot where the needle touched. The muscles must now be slowly rehabilitated.


But that’s the least of it, because I still have the drive and enthusiasm to go back on the bike.

Because of his impending move to World Supersport, Navarro will have to skip his home race in Valencia Moto2 next year. He still has a strong desire to race.

Because I believe I still have much to offer, and because my rage will propel me to do what I believe I am capable of doing.

This year has been difficult since I have been injured from the start and have not been in good physical condition to ride. While it’s true that there hasn’t been effective technical communication with the team and that the final products have fallen short of my standards for quality and professionalism, I refuse to let this derail me.

I’m going to keep fighting because I know I’m capable of more than what’s being displayed. I simply want to be in a position where I can shine, and I believe that next year I will be able to do that and give it my all.

Jorge Navarro